Lights & Motion – Save Your Heart

(I couldn’t really imagine another album to begin this blog with!)

ImageThe band:

Lights & Motion is a true machine run by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Christoffer Franzén. He played and recorded pretty much everything for both of his albums (Reanimation being the first…I might review that one soon, who knows?).
I usually don’t like to tag a band with a single genre or compare them to others. But if you’re looking for the closest genre to this, it’d be “cinematic post-rock“.

The album:

At first, I thought I wouldn’t have enough words to describe this record, but I’ve tried…

Alright then, let’s start!
The album opens with a real mindblowing synth-driven song called “Heartbeats“. It truly creates an environment for the remaining 10 tracks, setting a whole new concept as they pass by.
I just love the way he invites you to feel exactly what he felt making the songs, driving us all through an amazing, emotional and thrilling ride. And I also love how he connected each track, like he did with “Heartbeats” and “Ultraviolet“. It speaks of the amount of work that took to make this album the masterpiece it is.

After that 2 track bomb, we float into “Sparks” and “Shimmer”, both calmer songs but not in any case inferior to the first two. Feels like a period of transition, leading to so many different feelings and situations. Then we are sucked into the massive “Snow“, where the drums and strings take over notoriously. I wish he had sung more on this record, cause he has a great voice and it shouldn’t be kept aside.

Bright Eyes is a track filled with hope and the vocals do stand out on this one. From here we soar to “Crystalline“, “Orbit” and “We Are Ghosts“. They feel darker, but not in a bad way. “Crystalline” captured me very quickly, making me forget where I was at the moment.

The album reaches its final course with “Atlas” and the title track “Save Your Heart“. I honestly did not want the album to end…I mean, why would I ever want to leave this beautiful and unforgettale trip?
It’s not only a very well made record, it’s a complete voyage which you shouldn’t let aside. I recommend this album to every single person, and I also ask you all to buy this and support Chris’ music. He deserves all the success and joy he has received this year.

Pros: The album is thoroughly written and it’s a hell of a ride!
Cons: It doesn’t have any (sounds amazing, I know).

Final Grade

Signing off,
Philip Everett

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