Paul McCartney – New (Deluxe Edition)

Paul McCartney - New

I’m going to have to agree with the critics, it is definitely one of McCartney’s best albums and the finest piece of work in quite some time. Personally, I’m into “Ram” and “Flaming Pie“, but that’s just me.
My father is a huge fan (almost too much) of The Beatles and anything related to it, and I’m a huge fan as well, so I can’t be as objective as I’d like.

This album has a few details worth mentioning:
1.- It has 4 producers: Giles Martin, Ethan Johns, Mark Ronson and Paul Epworth (all renowned in the music business).
2.- It’s Macca’s sixteenth album and first since “Memory Almost Full (2007)” to have every song written by him.
3.- Paul recorded at least 17 instruments in 14 songs, including the bonus tracks.

Alright, let’s get started.

Save Us” is a fantastic song to open with, because it has energy and the typical chord progression you’d expect from him. The happy, energic tone is toned down with “Alligator” and “On My Way To Work“, both calmer, acoustic songs.
Queenie Eye“, one of the singles from the album, comes from a children’s game he played in Liverpool. And only Macca could get away with a video featuring artists such as Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Meryl Streep, Tom Ford, Jude Law and many others.

Now we head off to “Early Days” and the very “Magical Mystery Tour-ish” (also title track) “New“. The title track is a high spot for the whole album, expelling energy and joy all around.
Appreciate” is by far my favorite song from this record, being the most suprising rhythm and smartest chorus on the album. The synths play Gm and G throughout most of the song,

I must admit that even though I liked every song, the second part loses a bit of power. It has its high spots like “Hosanna” and “Road“.
Nonetheless, it’s suitable for all ages and will be an entertaining ride for everyone listening to it.

Pros: Notorious modern sound (“Appreciate“) and very honest, well thought lyrics (“Alligator” and “Early Days“).
Cons: Loses some energy, but not enough to make you stop listening.

Final Score:
Great album!

Signing off,
Philip Everett

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