amiina – The Lighthouse Project (EP)


You may wonder who these guys are. Well, they’re mostly girls, not guys. And you’ve probably listened to them before, just not “alone”. They worked with Sigur Rós as a string section, which already gives them quite a head start.
This is not their first EP, it’s actually their third! And they have two full-length albums from 2007 and 2010.

Okay, now let’s get to it.

It’s important to stand out the fact that these tracks were recorded live in unusual venues, such as: Lighthouses.

I must admit I didn’t expect this to be so calm and soothing. Sigur Rós is more of a tense band and amiina is the opposite. You could say it’s ambient music, with a touch of chill out (just my opinion).
The opener “Perth” is a curious song. A lot of ambient albums/EPs are long (this one lasts 22 minutes) and sometimes boring after 10 minutes, but amiina took a certain amount of time for each song and pulled it off beautifully.
There aren’t so many changes during the course of this record (doesn’t mean it’s bad, just plain). “Hilli” and “Bíólagið” pass by a bit unnoticed if you’re listening to it for the first time. After a few times it should get interesting for you.
Leather and Lace” and “Kola” are my favorites, probably because they sound more like “Perth“. And just like that, we’ve reached the final track “N65 °16,21 W13 °34,49“. Yes, I know, it’s a strange name and hard to remember, but don’t worry, you WILL remember this one. With only 57 seconds of duration and an intermittent sound, it closes with a memorable track that you’ll want to hear again (come on, it’s just 57 seconds!).

I haven’t finished listening to the previous EPs and albums, and that can be good sometimes, to have a fresh opinion for a brand new work of art.
These 22 minutes of geniality will become 44 (or 66, or 88…) minutes, I promise!

Pros: Clean and creative sound, leading to a nice experience.
Cons: It should be captivating the first time, at least as a whole.

Final Score:
Worth listening!

Signing off,
Philip Everett

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