Elvis Costello/The Roots – Wise Up Ghost

I don’t even have to explain the background for such great artists, right? I’m a big Roots and Costello fan and this sounds exactly like I expected (not good!).
This record feels like acting surprised when you get a gift you already knew was coming.

When you make a collaboration, you intend to create something new. It’s supposed to feel innovative, right? I won’t put aside the fact this isn’t a bad album, it’s just far from what I thought it would be.

“Walk Us Uptown” is a great song to start with, but you should never ever begin with something you can’t surpass. Wise Up Ghost has its high points, like “Tripwire”, the title track “Wise Up Ghost” and “If I Could Believe”. Even those high points don’t make the record stand out among the “best of 2013” lists (I will make one in December, so make sure to check that out).

I’m not gonna be a dick and put aside the little things that make this LP “special”. I mean, I could’ve been a lot worse, and even though it’s not a bad album, it’s far from being “good”.
Both parts deserve credit for taking the time to work as a band and trying to put together a record.

Pros: I really can’t find any (yet).
Cons: It lacks creativity. It’s far from what they could do.

Final Score:
You won’t die if you let this one pass…

Signing off,
Philip Everett

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