The Salvadors – Holy Drunken Fisherman



The band:

The Salvadors are an Australian band formed by lead singer/guitarist, Tom Opie; lead guitarist, Eddy Sheens; drummer, Eugene Moore; keyboardist, Cat Connelly and bassist, Jeff Glue. They even got mentioned in a few magazines, including Rolling Stone.
My “relationship” with these guys is kinda weird, so I’m gonna take a few lines to explain it.

I was intrigued when I found the song “Atacama Disco” on YouTube a couple of years ago. I am from Chile and I was amazed that a band from Australia actually knew this country, so I contacted them asking the background for the song.
They slowly became one of my favorite bands and they are a true rising act that you’ll all be listening to eventually. 

I made a promise that I’d get them some airplay around here, which hasn’t been easy but I’ve found a way (it’ll take time, but I got a spot for them) and I’m a guy that keeps his promises. Anyways, I kept talking to them on Facebook ( and one day, Eddy posted that he’d be selling his beloved guitar on eBay. I literally made an account just to buy it (I can be persistent and I didn’t stop until I got it). While I’m writing there, that guitar is next to me…now you know why this review is special. 

The album:

Holy Drunken Fisherman…what an album. Kicks off with a catchy tune they had already revealed as a single, called “Merrily” (Jeff’s bass lines are awesome). I can promise you that you’ll never get bored of listening to this record, you keep finding new details every single time. The production is amazing and it looks like they covered every aspect!
From the opening track we move onto “Alleyway” (also a single) and “Acapulco”, both really entertaining, catchy songs. And now we reach the true depth of the album, the title track “Holy Drunken Fisherman“. Opens up with a drum beat led by the toms and keeps it that way most of the song. The guitars stand out, revealing an oceanic scent of what this band is all about. 

Santa Monica” (another single!) is a high spot for me. It has a noticeable sixties-ish melody and a chorus you’ll be singing out loud for quite some time. “Straight And Narrow” makes the whole band shine right till the end. 
Pick Up Truck” and “Wilson” (coolest chorus EVER) are true bombs, accentuating Moore’s true skills as a drummer and Sheens’ ability to create catchy guitar hooks. “Hola Nirvana” and “In The Water” are the tracks that steer us towards the end. 
Unlike other records, Holy Drunken Fisherman never loses strength, creativity and wit. 

Sometimes it’s easier to end with a low note instead of a high note. I like when an album ends with a massive song, beating the shit outta every instrument, but I can also enjoy a deep, slow and calm tune. And “Sunday Party Blues” does that, closing an efficiently-made, smart record that I’ll be carrying with me for as long as I can. 
It may end in a literal low note, but it feels like the highest of endings you could think of.

I can only thank The Salvadors for being so cool and let you guys know that they’re releasing a new EP soon, so stay tuned for links.
Newest single:

Final Score
Great debut, can’t wait for more!

Signing off,
Philip Everett

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