Endless Melancholy – Epilogue



I had no idea what I was going for when I first listened to this album. I haven’t always been a fan of ambient music, at least not until some time ago. 
Oleksiy Sakevych is a very passionate musician, taking care of every detail and every single sound. For me it’s always about feelings, if there’s not much behind the song, there’s not much forward, right?

I can assure you that you’ll all be pleasantly surprised and relieved after the first song “Blossoms“. It definitely speaks for the rest of the album, setting the bar high and not disappointing! Since I’m not experienced when it comes to this genre, I’m just going to tell you about the concept than the album itself (it is my opinion after all). 

Endless Melancholy seems a perfect name for this project, because it’s straightforward and heartfelt. It’s amazing to find an artist who can show more with less. Sounds obvious, but some artists really add too many instruments and the whole point of the song is lost in the disaster (sometimes that’s the point, but nevermind…). And to be honest, Sakevych does the job masterfully. 
Ambient music isn’t much of a party starter, so don’t try to use it around too many people, unless you’re not looking to chat with your family or friends. Feels like this is a record made to be heard on your own and in the comfort of your room or wherever you feel safe

My ignorance towards ambient music and this project made me think it was a debut album, but nope, it’s the sophomore album from Endless Melancholy. It’s something worth mentioning, I’m sure you’ll like both albums!
I won’t take this review any further, you’re probably getting the idea….But still, many thanks for stopping by and reading.

Before I go, here’s a link to “Blossoms“, the beautiful opening track.

Signing off, 
Philip Everett

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