Glowbug – Lights In The Snow

Glowbug/Lights In The Snow

For those who missed me (no one), I’m back! It took me a bit to get my feet back on the ground and start writing reviews again. I chose a pretty rad 5 song EP from Daniel Anderson‘s stage name “Glowbug
Counting “Lights In The Snow“, Anderson has 8 releases available on Bandcamp, so please go to and show the man some love. If you like the album, share it everywhere…and if you love it, buy it.

Here we go!

Recently, I’ve been exploring the electronic side of music and the perks of having technology by your side. Before this EP, I only knew Glowbug because someone asked about it at the record store.
I automatically reject electronic/pop projects that use the same drum beat for 30 minutes without a single change, but Glowbug is not one of them.
It’s a great Christmas record, considering all the awful holiday albums popular artists are forced to release. From the 5 songs, only one is original, but I’m sure you won’t even notice that with the arrangements.

There’s really not much to review here, it’s just worthy of recommending and without a doubt, a well-made piece of work.
Congrats to Daniel Anderson for this beautiful EP! You can find all the information on his Facebook page:

Due to the holidays, I won’t write the pros and cons (there are no cons, silly me).

Final Grade
Great record! Totally worth it!

Signing off,
Philip Everett

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