Q&A with Christoffer Franzén from Lights & Motion



Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Q&A (hope it’s not the last) for this blog.

First of all, I’d like to thank Chris for being so humble and kind, you don’t find those virtues very often.
I know he has a lot of things going on and many requests, so I’m grateful he took the time to answer every question. 

From now on, the Q&A format will be of 10-12 questions with a few variations depending on the artist, of course. 
Without further ado, here are the questions:

1.- Who would you name as your biggest inspiration?

CF: That’s a hard question to answer, because it varies throughout the years. I would have to say a combination between Chris Martin, Hans Zimmer & U2. They all have different elements or styles that I really enjoy and who are really original. That´s what impresses me the most.

2.- 3 artists you’d like to collaborate with

CF: That would almost be the same answer as the top one, but let´s say M83 to start with. I think that would be pretty cool to do something epic with more guitars than they usually use. Hans Zimmer, just because it would be interesting to see what that collaboration would bring and how it would sound. Paramore – I used to really enjoy them a few years ago and it would be pretty cool to do a collaboration because they have some epic influences in their music.

3.- Favorite chord/instrument

CF: Haha, that´s a good question. Favorite chord is either a C or a D. C because that’s often the default chord I take when I first grab my guitar. D because pretty much the entire first album (Reanimation) was tuned in a special tuning (DA#FGAD) that´s rooted in D.
My favorite instrument is the guitar – That´s my main instrument and the one I am the most comfortable with. I am a guitarist at heart.

4.- Favorite albums ever

CF: U2 – The Joshua Tree
       Coldplay – X&Y
       Hans Zimmer – The Holiday Soundtrack Album.

5.- Favorite songs ever

CF: Coldplay – Fix You
      U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name  
      Metallica – No Leaf Clover

6.- Favorite album of 2013

CF: The New Sigur Rós!

7.- Favorite song of 2013

CF: Oblivion – M83 (Feat Susanne Sundfor)

8.- Favorite song from Reanimation and from Save Your Heart

CF: The March from Reanimation, because that was a turning point in the making of the album for me, and one of the bedrocks of the entire record that pretty much sums up Lights & Motion and that first album.
Heartbeats from Save Your Heart. That was the first track I wrote after Reanimation, and I instantly knew that it was going to open the next album, even though I hadn’t written any more tracks at that time.

9.- You have a fantastic voice and I’m sure every fan agrees with me, so why haven’t you used it more?

CF: Thank you very much! Well, I have never really thought of myself as a singer even though I tend to hum melodies etc when I´m writing. I guess I feel more comfortable with guitars and piano than vocals. However, I´ve come to enjoy the marriage between soft vocals and shoegaze/postrock epics more and more throughout the making of these albums, and I think that´s evident because Save Your Heart features a lot more vocal parts and layered harmonies.

10.- You’ve declared that this year has been completely insane (in a good way) and that you didn’t expect all the good reviews and comments. So what would you say was the most shocking moment(s) of 2013?

CF: It truly has! At times I´ve felt very isolated, working in my studio all night and pretty much not looking outside at all. So when these amazing reviews and wonderful fan-interaction came my way I was a bit taken aback, albeit in a good way. I can´t tell you how rewarding it is to work so incredibly hard at something and then get feedback from people all around the world.
The most shocking moment was probably when Google used my music (The March) in the worldwide broadcast commercial during the Oscars, reaching around one hundred million (!?) people all around the world. I mean, how does that not phase you? That was an amazing night and I´m so grateful for that.

11.- What are your plans for 2014? Heading in another direction or there are simply no plans?


CF: Well, I´ve been working so insanely hard this year, and 2012 as well, that in a way I am not thinking that much ahead. I can’t seem to not write so once I get back to the studio I´m sure I will start to work towards an EP or two, or maybe a new album. I would also love to get even more into scoring – I love working with trailers and stuff like that. I have always been very much into movies and tv.

12.- Thank you so much for doing this, wish you all the best for 2014 and whatever lies ahead.

CF: Thanks mate, Merry Xmas!


Not bad for a first time, eh? I will try my best to keep posting more of these, I’m open to all suggestions.

Signing off,
Philip Everett

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