Q&A With Pieter Van Dessel from Marble Sounds


Wow, I feel terrible about not writing more on this blog. I was waiting to have a new Q&A to share and now I finally have it!
From now on I will try harder to write at least once a week, so be ready for a lotta surprises.

This week, I was able to contact Pieter Van Dessel from Marble Sounds. You may know a few of their songs, like The Time To Sleep, Good Occasions and Dance Clarence Dance, all available to listen on YouTube if you feel curious.

I must admit I always wanted to do a Q&A with Pieter, even before having this blog. 
No more talking, here it is:

1.- Favorite song(s) ever

PVD: Pinback – ‘Loro’
         Wheat – ‘Don’t I Hold You’
         Sparklehorse – ‘Cow’
         Arcade Fire – ‘Suburban War’
         The Antlers – ‘Two’

2.- Favorite album(s) ever

PVD: dEUS – ‘Worst Case Scenario’
         Radiohead – ‘The Bends’ / ‘OK Computer’
         The Cure – ‘Wish’

3.- Favorite song(s) of 2013

PVD: Joy Wellboy – ‘Lay Down Your Blade’
         Jon Hopkins – ‘Abandon Window’
         Kim Janssen – ‘Drift’

4.- Favorite album(s) of 2013

PVD: Few Bits – ‘Few Bits’
         Cody – ‘Fractures’

5.- Favorite chord/instrument

PVD: G Major on guitar, but with D on the B-string.

6.- What was the first song you learned on the guitar/piano?

PVD: Can’t remember…But I learnt guitar chords with an educational book written by Uncle Bob, a Belgian TV personality from the sixties. The first song must be one of his.

7.- What drove you to start writing songs?

PVD: I think the excitement of finishing writing a new song.

8.- First song you wrote

PVD: The first song I was pleased with was called “The Barber’s House”. It was the start of a series of 4-track-tapes I made late nineties.

9.- Favorite song from Nice Is Good and from Dear Me, Look Up

PVD: My Friend.
         Evenings or The Little Lows.

10.- How did you feel when Good Occasions reached the million views on YouTube?

PVD: Excited and surprised.

11.- What are your plans for 2014?

PVD: Playing live and writing new songs. Recording and releasing a new album will be in 2015.

12.- Who’d you like to collaborate with for the next album (if there is one)?

PVD: Aha, that’s a secret until the new album comes out!


How about that? New album?! Can’t get any better than this 🙂

Signing off,
P. Everett

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