Cassie – Old Light EP



I’m not sure if I have too much to say about this EP, more than the fact it’s kinda interesting.

Besides this 19 minute EP, I know nothing else from Finnish post-rock band, Cassie. I had to look for their info on Facebook (really tiring process), so yeah, I was curious. I don’t know if I’d call them a post-rock band, considering the first and title track “Old Light”

The Review

“Old Light” may sound a bit frightening as a title, don’t you think? Well, it’s righteously titled, because the final part of the song scared the living shit outta me. Not in a bad way, the good kind of near death fright (?). The first part is actually lovely, and it walks into the aisle with great power and might. The second part…well, sounds like a “Pelican meets 65daysofstatic” medley. The death metal screams are wittingly placed and I must say, #ReallyFuckingEffective. 
The next two tracks are kinda forgettable, if you start comparing them to “Old Light”. Although the end is smartly presented, it does not add up to the rest of the EP.  I gotta say I expected a lot more from the EP as a whole, given the masterpiece they chose as an opener. 

The Verdict

Great songs don’t always come in great albums/EPs. And I know EPs are really tricky, because you can’t show everything and you can’t show too little, so it’s always hard to choose what goes and what stays for the record. Cassie is no exception to the rule, they tried to make a compelling EP to follow an extremely ambitious record (which I’m waiting for impatiently), but got a pretty regular result.

Final Score
Nice try, good luck next time around

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