The Elevator Anthem’s Official Debut News


I am very happy to announce my project’s EP will in fact be released this year and not in 2015. I had tons of issues with the recording studio construction and thought I wouldn’t be able to finish any songs in the meantime, but I managed to record some demos with Ableton Suite 9 and a MIDI controller. (A HUGE shoutout to Tim from Sam Ash at the Canoga Park, CA store for being a life saver. You’re the best, man)
I do not have an official release date, but I am planning to release a single sometime in May. My new recording studio is supposed to be completely functional and ready to roll by July. So I wouldn’t expect to see the EP unless I manage to do field recordings through another studio.

I have a provisional tracklist that I’m already working on, and some are close to the final version. Post production is the longest part.

At first I had planned to do 4-5 songs, now there are 7 and some bonus tracks I will upload to my SoundCloud profile:

1.- Autumn, Oregon
2.- Skerries, Dublin
3.- Winter, Massachusetts
4.- Valentine, Washington
5.- Spring, Delaware
6.- Tenderness, Michigan
7.- Summer, Louisiana

Bonus Tracks

8.- Holloway, Minnesota
9.- Oceanview, Indiana
10.- Ily, New York
P.S: I’m also going to arrange some new songs written by the fantastic Kira Inez Riess! You can find her songs here (

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