Cold Body Radiation – A Clear Path

There’s not much information about this Dutch project. All I know is that it’s a one man band. Kinda makes it easier to write about it, because I can focus on the record and not so much on the background.

Anyways, this is my official return to reviewing albums for The Elevator Anthem. I swear I have so many albums in mind that I’ll probably drive you guys insane. Plus, I’ve got lots of new ideas for other articles and possibly awesome interviews.

Editor’s Note: I decided to write this review while listening to the album with someone else. Talking helps, you know?

The Review

A Clear Path

[CBR = Cold Body Radiation…for the dumb ones]

So…CBR. What a surprise it was for me when I ran across this album on New Album Releases. It was on the post-rock archive -y’all know I’m the biggest post-rock fan in the continent- and I just couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t able to download it and wanted to at least hear a few songs, so I jumped over to YouTube and listened to “Slowly Falling From The Sky”. In the description it said: “Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal”.
I still kinda disagree with the black metal part, but I guess it’s because the previous records are heavier.

The starting point for the record is the title track “A Clear Path”. A seven minute dreamy and absolutely haunting rainbow of purposely distorted settings. The beginning is a little abrupt, in my opinion. I feel like it should’ve evolved in a less sudden manner. But it’s still a very effective and well-thought track.
“Mountain Mornings” has a different vibe. It’s less stormy and more progressive. Also calmer, but not enough to turn into a dream pop tune.

“Slowly Falling From The Sky” is my favourite. The glockenspiel-ish keyboards and relentless drumming are utterly captivating. The EQ in this song speaks wonders of the production, showing that even distortion can sometimes be clearer than a Coldplay piano song.

“Quietly Retreating To Nowhere” feels like a horror movie, in a good way. There aren’t many awesome horror movies, just shitty predictable ones. But this tune…my god, it’s just amazing. It’s a sort of fusion between the previous two tracks. Mixes the calm distortion with the impressive energy from “Slowly Falling From The Sky”.

The following two tracks, “This Last Year” and “Streams” are not close relatives with the rest of the songs. I mean, they follow what this record’s about emotionally, but not the same setting. They’re easier to catch up with, which is a good thing if you want to get airplay on a cool radio.

At this point, everything is messed up (emotionally). He has a powerful voice, but prefers to use it moderately. It sounds like he’s far away, lost and nervous.
Even though you can’t understand most of the words, you can relate to the feeling behind them. It’s a clear shout for help, after a long time of loss, despair and confusion.

Though the final two songs are great, I don’t think I can say much more about them that I haven’t already said.

CBR has turned into one of my main inspirations when it comes to creating a concept for my own projects. I believe “A Clear Path” is close to being the most powerful album of 2014 and it’ll be hard to surpass the pleasure I felt while listening to it.

The Verdict

The downside of putting out an album that’s crowded with distorted guitars is that it can become a little tiring or repetitive. Nonetheless, every song has its beauty and seal. And “A Clear Path” demonstrates how personal and deep a metal album can be. I’m not saying it’s the only metal album driven by feelings, I’m just saying this one stands out from the crowd.

This album never ceased to amaze me. Every time I listen to it, it’s a whole new voyage, and I fucking love it. Definitely going to fight for the first spot on my Best of 2014 list in December.

Final Grade
Sonically cheeky and brave

Thank you for checking this out, beloved readers.
See ya next time,

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