Why Conor O’Brien Is A Step Ahead From Conor Oberst…

For those who don’t know who Conor O’Brien is, he’s the songwriter behind acclaimed indie folk project Villagers.

The other day I created this Oberst/O’Brien playlist and it just came to my mind: O’Brien has NOTHING to envy from Oberst!
Villagers’ second LP is far more sonically and lyrically adventurous than Bright Eyes’ sophomore album.

Listening to {Awayland} -song- makes me wonder if there is actually a doubt that Conor O’Brien is more talented -musically- than Conor Oberst. I know, it’s a sensitive subject to write about.

Why would Oberst be “more”? I guess it’s the attitude that makes the difference. Both are special characters, but Oberst is a total asshole, don’t you think? O’Brien is just….himself. I feel like Bright Eyes’ mastermind is merely playing a role.
Oberst is a talented man, there’s no doubt. He has recorded an outstanding amount of songs in the past 15-18 years. But amount doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

Please notice that besides having musical and lyrical similarities, they’re actually pretty similar physically.


I have no idea if this post was helpful, I just think it’s something that had to be said. Even though I’m a HUGE Oberst fan, I can’t let O’Brien’s talent cloud my judgement.

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