Lights & Motion – Holiday Visions

I know, I know. How many releases can this guy have in 2 years? The answer is: enough to keep me happy.

Christoffer is probably the nicest dude I’ve “encountered”. He’s just incredibly humble and polite and loves his fans. I’ve been a fan since his first release and never stopped rooting for him. So it’s an honor to have the opportunity to write about his music once more!

Let’s do this!

L&M - Holiday Visions


“Holiday Visions” is the closest to a holiday record we’ll get from Lights & Motion (as far as I know). Though it doesn’t feel like a Christmassy release, it sure as hell fits the wintry season ahead of us.

Barely hitting the 5 minute mark, “Holiday Visions” manages to be compelling and completely as any other EP. It only holds 3 very short tracks, but no one’s ever criticised short songs, am I right?

Franzén finally reached a feeling where he knows exactly where he’s standing. At least that’s what this EP truly reflects. We not only get to hear the finest L&M tracks yet, we get to feel that evolution grasping our hearts. From the euphoric “Reanimation”, to the deep and warmhearted cinematic post-rocking “Save Your Heart”…”Holiday Visions” proves to be the logic step in a chain of well thought songs.

The three tracks (“Melting Ice”, “Winter” and “Covered In White”) together are the most perfect combination I’ve heard in a while. It’s very saddening that it has to end so fast. After all, 5 minutes go by like a flash.
I can only be grateful for the hard work behind each track. And there’s no doubt that Christoffer Franzén is the leader of the new post-rock era. Youth has never been as fruitful as what I’ve just listened to.
A whole season through 3 songs. Not many can do that.

A great applause to Christoffer for yet another masterful set of magical and heartfelt sounds.


Franzén’s geniality can’t be fully described, so I won’t even try to elaborate more on the subject.

One thing I must declare: the lack of percussion didn’t bother me at all. I actually look forward to more of this!

Final Score
Yet another masterpiece

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