Q&A with Post-Rock powerhouse This Patch Of Sky

Recently I realised I hadn’t worked on any Q&As and it just hit me that I HAD to do more.

So without further ado, This Patch Of Sky’s Q&A with The Elevator Anthem:


1.- How did you all meet? Was it through other colleagues or through festival meetings?

The original band members (Joel, Nate, Kit, Andrew) were all friends before we formed TPOS. Kit, Nate, and Joel were in a previous band together that had a alternative/indie type style. 4 years ago we knew very little about the post-rock genre, but after hearing Quiet by This Will Destroy You in a VW Jetta late one night after a band practice we were instantly hooked. A few months later we formed the band.

Chris King joined the band in early 2012. Joel was going to college and met Chris in a music class. We were toying with the idea of adding a keyboard/synth player and Joel immediately thought of him. On a Friday evening he practiced with us, the next day he played his first show with us. It’s been love ever since.

Joshua Carlton joined the band in late 2012. He had moved here from Indiana and had played in a previous post-rock band (Chiaroscuro). I saw him post an ad on Craigslist about starting a post-rock band. After a few emails back and forth we met up with Josh and realized we shared the same vision and style of music. I now joke that Josh is my guitarist soul mate.

Alex Abrams we also met through Craigslist. We were gearing up to record S/T and though it would be cool to have a few cello tracks on some of the songs. Alex responded to the ad and practiced with us. A few practices later we all got down on our knees and begged him to join the band. He said yes, we hugged (molested) him, and now have him tied up in a closet so he can never leave.

2.- What’s the process behind the writing of a single song? And how long does it take you to have the final product?

Every song we create seems to go through a different process. For example, “Time Destroys Everything, But Our Foundation Remains” was accidentally written at one of our band practices. I was messing around with one of my guitar pedals and started finger picking a chord over and over while tweaking some settings. Josh looked at me and said, “That’s kinda cool, keep it going.” We started to build off of it after that. Other songs like “The Winter Day Declining” or “Love Is In Beauty and Chaos” start with an idea that someone brings in and we begin to develop it.

The entire S/T album was written in roughly 3 months. We’ve lately been on this crazy role where songs just keep pouring out of us. We are already writing a new album which is probably half way complete.

3.- Favorite city/venue/gig

Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR is by far the best venue we’ve ever played. Everything about that place just feels right.

4.- Favorite bands

The list can go on and on about favorite bands. Here are just a few examples:

This Will Destroy You, Sigur Ros, Minus The Bear, Olafur Arnalds, The Album Leaf, Iron and Wine, Snow Patrol, The Appleseed Cast, TTNG, Message To Bears, Blink 182, Moving Mountains, Debussy, Wagner, Hans Zimmer, Hammock, Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, Phillip Glass, Arvo Part, MONO, Silent Whale Becomes A Dream.

5.- Favorite albums

Right now my favorite album is Valtari by Sigur Ros. I can drown out to that album for hours.

6.- Favorite songs

Same as question 4, that list can go on and on. How about I give you my top 5 favorite from this past month:

Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine
As Walking On Canopy by Silent Whale Becomes A Dream
God’s Teeth by This Will Destroy You
Where We Begin by Mono
While The Ages Steal by Giants

7.- Personal heroes?

My parents. The faithfulness, love, and personal role models they have been to me my entire life encourages me to live life the same way.

8.- First song you wrote

Yikes. I was 13, barely learned to play guitar. At the time I was heavily influenced by bands like MxPx, Blink 182, Sum41, Officer Negative, Rancid, Dogwood, ect. I played 4 chords over and over as fast as I could and sang about some girl I thought I liked at the time. It was horrible.

9.- Favorite chord

Right now, C#

10.- Plans for 2015? More touring or planning a new album? If so, will you travel to a different genre or try to replicate what you’ve done your self-titled record (which is fantastic, I must say!)?

2015 is yet to be determined. As I mentioned before, we’re currently in the process of writing another album. I think this new album will show once again how we’ve pushed ourselves to write better songs. But I suppose that’s up to the fans to decide.

We’d like to play more shows around the US, and eventually around the world. Who knows what will happen, let’s just say we’re open to whatever.


Wow, they really took the time to think about each answer haha! This was an amazing Q&A for me, I loved every answer and they were SO cool about it!

Make sure to check out their latest self-titled album and to keep reading this crazy blog.

There’s more to come, don’t worry, kiddos.

Signing off,

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