Lights & Motion // Chronicle

As you all know, L&M means the world to me, for a lot of reasons. So this will definitely sound more like something I’d write for my other blog (journal kinda thing). 

-I must declare that I listened to the L&M discography over and over without stopping for days until I felt ready to write this-

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just get tired of being (unless you’ve had a particularly easy life). After listening to Chronicle repeatedly since its release, I’ve come to the conclusion Christoffer is past that time. Reanimation was the awakening of a dream, a spark of euphoria…Save Your Heart was the search for meaning and self-discovery and -if we count this as a trilogy- Chronicle is the climax for Chris’ magnificent dream. 

It is tricky to review an album without considering the rest of the discography. Some reviewers pretty much compare between albums instead of actually listening to what the artist is trying to say. 
I will make several connections within L&M’s records, by the way!

-You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to concieve a single song for some people. Guys like Chris are songwriting machines when in the mood-

Chris has released other sides of Lights & Motion, such as the TV/Film compilation and the outstanding Holiday Visions. Each of those are the perfect pathway between records and ease up the transition for the listener. Maybe if he hadn’t released Holiday Visions, I might’ve not understood Chronicle so fast. There is a huge process behind this music and not only in terms of production. We have euphoria, meditation and unraveling in a trilogy I can only describe as perfect. 

Although Chronicle feels less musically cohesive (as in connecting each song) than its precedesors, it finds a way to become a journey anyone can relate to. And that’s the magic of it! 
It seems to me that Christoffer has found his comfort spot with this album. After two critically acclaimed (I think he never got bad reviews) records, I guess he felt it was time to take a step forward and let passion take over the process. 

I won’t talk about the songs more specifically, because I think my point was made already (yeah, deal with it). All I will say is: watch out for Reborn, Particle Storm and The Spectacular Quiet….just wow.

You may think by my little essay that Chronicle will not get a perfect score, but you are dead wrong: it’s a frontrunner for best album of 2015. 

Final Score
Simply perfect

All the best to Christoffer and kudos to Deep Elm for sticking around!

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