Man, it’s been a while…but I can’t say I’ve had time to actually miss writing here! Been so fucking busy with family and work stuff. Complicated issues (AKA Life).

Well, there’s not a lot to say, other than the fact I am working on an album called Elizabeth’s Heartbeat. It has been horribly slow, I’m aware of it. And I also know I promised to release it sometime in June, which won’t be possible, though a song or two might reach the surface soon enough. My last release was in December, I believe. So yeah, 5 months without any signs of life or progress might discourage a lot of fans. At least I didn’t take 8 years to say something, like Modest Mouse did (yeah, I fucking said it).

I consider “Elizabeth’s Heartbeat” a highly ambitious and powerful concept, and it’s a responsibility I have not taken lightly. I can be confident about saying it’s a work in progress that will see the light this year. Apologies to the people who’ve encouraged me and sent messages to the FB site praising the Ellie Mends EP! There will be surprises along the way, I promise.

Flocks might not be my only project this year. I’ve thought of taking a step aside with this one and go with a different type of music, but it’s only if I end up releasing Elizabeth’s Heartbeat relatively soon, otherwise it’s very unlikely any of my other projects will be available before 2016.


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