A Very Special Post

I’m pretty sure most of this blog’s followers are long gone by now, but I’ve decided to come back and hope that I may regain those who’ve given up on my stupid ass reviews and news.
I apologise for the delay, I really wish I had come back sooner. Love supporting indie artists and doing interviews with cool musicians I admire a lot. So yeah, here’s to more reviews and awesome interviews.

The truth is, my disappearance from this site was not in vain, I had several issues to work on and was worth it to take that time off. I’ve not stopped making music or writing for other sites though, which is good news, cause I haven’t lost practice.

The amount of new records I’ve listened to in this break is just astronomical. Seriously. It’s insane. So I’ll be doing a series of short reviews to save time. But when I find a worthy album, I’ll do a proper analysis and review (track by track, as usual).

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time. My mind is set on posting every couple of days.

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