(Four) Short Album Reviews (September 3rd, 2015)

Before you guys start freaking out about the album release dates, I admit not all these albums are new, so you’ll find various genres and well known bands here.

Augie March // Strange Bird (2002)

Probably the most outstanding piece of Australian music in history, considering music and lyrics as equals in the process and final product. Its lyrics are overwhelmingly contradictory, to the point of awe, rejoice and admiration for Glenn Richards.
Also, with no doubt, the most underrated album of the 21st century.

Essential tracks: The Vineyard, This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers, O Mi Sol Li Lon, Addle Brains, O Song.

Slow Meadow // Slow Meadow (2015)

Aural Method’s Matt Kidd’s new project (under the wings of Hammock, a consolidated post-rock/ambient band) is one of the standouts of 2015. I didn’t know what to expect from Kidd. I thought it’d be very similar to his last album, but I was SO wrong. Slow Meadow is far more focused on strings and minimalistic keyboards, creating a bubble of melancholy, sadness, mystery and awe, all at once.

Essential Tracks: Linen Garden Part I, A Farewell Sonata, Summer Vigil, Every Mourning Breath

Dakota Suite // An Almost Silent Life (2012)

Before listening to this record, I really had no previous experience with sadcore/slowcore bands. I was happily surprised to realise it wasn’t what I expected. At least from this specific artist. An Almost Silent Life is the defining album in Dakota Suite’s fairly unknown, yet long career. The wave of every tear shed as it crashes on the floor is audible behind Chris Hooson’s tender and breaking timbre. Not something you find every day.

Essential Tracks: I See Your Tears, An Almost Silent Life, Everything Lies, I Know Your Desolate Places.

Drake Bell // It’s Only Time (2006)

Although Bell’s fame comes from tv, rather than his music, it doesn’t seem to stop him from sounding absolutely confident in his work.
Bell’s arrangements are notoriously inspired by the works of McCartney and Wilson (Beatles and Beach Boys, for the…idiots). But before you start criticising the guy, please notice he has a very good producer and co-writer, Michael Corcoran. The man helped him craft Found A Way, the intro track to the Drake & Josh show.
If you want to enjoy this record, take off all expectations and prejudices. Trust me.

Essential Tracks: Do What You Want, It’s Only Time, Fool The World, Fallen For You, Rusted Silhouette, Break Me Down.

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