Frightened Rabbit: The Finest 15 Songs (Yep, Just 15!)

It’s super hard to decide these things, but I just love lists. And given the news about Frightened Rabbit’s fifth album, I could not resist!
No fucking around today, I’ll list them below!

15) Good Arms vs Bad Arms

Why start with a fan favourite? I don’t know, to be honest. All I know is that it needs to be here!

14) Architect (with Manchester Orchestra)

Sometimes in life, you’ll feel like these lyrics describe your entire social circle. There’s no going around it.

13) Escape Route

Third bonus track from the Pedestrian Verse record. Out of the three, it’s definitely the strongest and a bridge between the album and what came next.

12) Today’s Cross

Another bonus track. Well, more like a B-side. The videoclip they made for it was brilliantly hilarious and you all should check it out. I once asked Scott about the chords and he told me he rarely remembers how each song was crafted. So much for artistry!

11) Keep Yourself Warm

The ultimate “I fucking hate you” song. And that’s that.

10) Backyard Skulls

Some called this Scott’s finest pop-rock venture. Or maybe it was just me. Either way, great lyrics, great tune.

9) Living In Colour

Li-livin’ in colour! Li-livin’ in colour!

8) Extrasupervery

For me, the greatest track from The Midnight Organ Fight. An experiment gone right, you could say.

7) Swim Until You Can’t See Land

What can you I about this one?…Nothing at all? Yeah, that seems okay.

6) Who’d You Kill Now?

At first I couldn’t understand the point of this song. Then I got my heart broken and it became an anthem to me.

5) Acts Of Man (Live Version)

Chose the live version because of the ending, not the performance. Although Hutchison’s nasal falsetto on stage isn’t as strong as in the studio, the balls it took to choose this song to end concerts…wow.

4) The Modern Leper

Probably the most recognisable tune until The Woodpile came out. I bet many broken teenagers would make this their top choice.

3) The Woodpile

This one marked a change in their style of production. I’m glad they did, I was kinda getting tired of the lack of purpose behind distortion. And goddamn, it’s catchy and complex chorus is worthy of accolades.

2) State Hospital

I got a tattoo of the lyrics “A bloody curse word in a pedestrian verse” not long after the album came out. I had already been listening to the song for a while (it was on the EP). Its meaning may be hidden, but not to me…not anymore.

1) Home From War

I consider this their best song because it contains everything I like about them. The lyrics, the atmosphere, the self-loathing, the doubt, the crescendos, the explosions, the drumming….I could go on for days. But in the end THIS is their quintessential piece.

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