Albums That Mainstream Sites Won’t Ever Show You And That You REALLY Should Hear

I’m aware that’s a pretty long title, but it’s so damn true. I wouldn’t have to do something like this if sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum gave some attention to small time artists. Sure, there are cases where those sites have made artists get more likes and shares, but are those artists/bands really worth our time? You be the judge.

These all are records that I’ve listened to in the past year, so bear with me.
Doesn’t mean they’re all extremely new though. So…here we go.

(I’ll add some links to help out)

1.- abstract rabbit // fine (experimental/ambient)

2.- Newhampshiretrees // Teeth (noise/experimental)

3.- Ashbringer // Vacant (atmospheric black metal/folk metal)

4.- Clouds Collide // All Things Shining (post-metal/blackgaze)

5.- Audrey Fall // Mitau (cinematic post-metal)

6.- Aural Method // When I Drifted I Heard A Faint Melody (post-rock)

7.- Blurry Lights // A Romantic Dream (neo-classical/post-rock)

8.- ecco // Freedom Summer (post-rock/indie pop/ambient)

9.- Go-qualia // Aurora Wave (idm/post-rock/electronic)

10.- snffn // Lucht (ambient/experimental)

11.- SPORT // Bon Voyage (indie punk)

12.- Thierry Maillard // The Kingdom Of Arwen (free jazz/fusion) (sorry, you will need to find it by torrent, no links to listen available for now)


I will be updating this list eventually, I promise. Enough to enjoy for a while, right?!



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