The Best Phish Songs Of All Time

How exactly do you make a list from a band that’s played around 1709 different songs live (including covers). How do I know? Well, Phish turns out to be one of those bands that has such hardcore fans that they register even when Trey Anastasio farts on stage. I’m pretty sure that if I search for “Mike Gordon sneezing” on Google, I’ll find the exact number of times he’s done it live. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but then again, they ARE hardcore fans. I don’t expect people to agree with this list. But do I ever care? Nope. So here we go.

P.S: I could spend hours talking about how great they all are, and praise skill and quality, but I won’t. We ALL know how great they are. No denying it.

20) Farmhouse
19) Golgi Apparatus
18) Bouncing Around The Room
17) A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
16) Axilla, Pt. 2
15) Waste
14) Down With Disease
13) Stash
12) Joy
11) You Enjoy Myself
10) The Connection
9) Bug
8) David Bowie
7) Fuego
6) Theme From The Bottom
5) Heavy Things
4) Wilson
3) Taste
2) Time Turns Elastic
1) Secret Smile

Yes, Secret Smile is my top choice. I KNOW! But it’s true, it’s their greatest musical achievement in terms of emotionality and dexterity. It requires to be in a specific mood to truly enjoy it, but it’s worth the voyage.

Peace out



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